EA Games

As one of the historical technical consultatnts, Dan was asked to pose for the concept art for the cover of the game.


Dan King was employed by EA GAMES as the WWII Japanese technical consultant for the worldwide best selling "Medal of Honor" video game series. His basic task was to provide information to the game creators in order to make the game as accurate as possible. This included providing examples of Japanese WWII

  1. Uniforms and gear
  2. Infantry weapons
  3. Tanks, large guns, ships and aircraft
  4. Japanese language supervision during VO recording
  5. Battle tactics and hand signals

He also traveled with the EA team on a 3 week historical fact finding mission to Pearl Harbor's Ford Island, Thailand, Singapore and Guadalcanal. The game's authenticity reflects the importance of actually visiting the battlefields.

Under the direction of EA Producer Matt Marsala, the Japanese historian Dan King and Marine Corps Historian GySgt Quay Terry teamed up again to form the nucleus of an advisory team for EA Games' Medal of Honor series. They provided guidance and samples of authentic period uniforms, weapons, vehicles, and correct WWII era Japanese and Marine Corp slang and language. They organized several weapons 'shoot-outs' so the EA team members could actually shoot, film, and record the sights and sounds of original WWII US, German and Japanese pistols, rifles and machine guns in action. Both King and Terry have worked together on dozens of documentaries, feature films as well as historical educational displays and projects for the non profit Marine Corps Historical Company.

  • Medal of Honor, Pacific Assault
  • Medal of Honor, Rising Sun
  • Medal of Honor, Allied Assault
  • Medal of Honor, European Assault
  • Medal of Honor, Spearhead
  • Medal of Honor, Frontline
  • Medal of Honor, Breakthrough

Medal of Honor development team

Members of the Medal of Honor development team during a Motion Capture (Mocap) session. The technology uses infrared cameras to replicate human movement. In this case the swinging of the Japanese sword and firing & loading of the Japanese rifle.

From L - R: Jason Chayes, Mitsuyuki Oishi, Dan King, Scott Easley, David Kury, and Bobby Blevins.

Col. Dave Severance

GySgt Quay Terry and Dan King are seen here visiting Col. Dave Severance who served on Iwo Jima with the 28th Marine Regiment.