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The Last Zero Fighter
Firsthand Accounts from Japanese WWII Naval Pilots and Airmen

By Dan King

This book is the cumulative work of six years of traveling to and from Japan to interview and document the accounts of WWII Japanese Naval aviators in their own language. Up until now, their accounts were often untold or misunderstood due to the complex nature of the Japanese written and spoken language. The author presents five WWII era naval combat veterans' personal experiences during training, and in direct combat with US and Allied forces.

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Dan King utilizes his unique knowledge of WWII Pacific War history and Japanese language / culture to consult for films, documentaries, plays and books about or involving Japanese history, culture and language.

King is available to interpret and translate as well as proof read Japanese - English documents for historical accuracy.

King's latest book, The Last Zero Fighter, is based on his firsthand interviews with 5 Japanese WWII Naval aviators in their own language. Their experiences include the bombing of the USS Panay at Nanking, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Midway, Port Darwin, Iwo Jima, the Kamikaze attacks and other historic air battles. (Amazon & Kindle)